CEO Message

CEO Message

Pakistan Institute of Medical and Management Sciences is established since 1st July 2018. PIMMS started administrative work and established laboratories, classrooms, halls and appointed staff during the first fiscal year. PIMMS has been registerd now with HEC/ Higher Regulatory Authority, govt of KP and other regulatory bodies. The College has its own foundation named and registered as United Health Foundation that works for the betterment of society through quality education in the field of medical & allied health sciences.

PIMMS will register students this year in following disciplines i.e. Doctor of Physical therapy, BS radiology, BS MLT and BS Surgical technologies.
PIMMS has its own values, policies documents, admission criterion, disciplinary committees and administrative wings.

Students are abided by the students’ code of conduct or any other policy documents that PIMMS inacts time to time for smooth running of the institute.
Let me assure the parents, gaurdians that their children are safe hands of PIMMS as we have strong internal assessment and evaluation criterion for assessing students and assessment of administration as well.

Their parents will get faeed back about their children performance on elactronic transmission each year/ semester of the program or as deems fit.
With these remarks I congratulate the students joining PIMMS and wish them an enlightened future ahead.

Dr Shah Faisal
The Chief Executive, PIMMS