BS-Surgical Technology

BS-Surgical Technology

Surgical technologists are healthcare professionals who prepares an operating room and supplies before surgery. Surgical Technologists(STs) work under the supervision of the surgeon as a surgical first assistant. STs are as vital members of the surgical team, responsibilities of the STs
including, preparing the operating room, securing supplies, setting up equipment and instruments, and anticipating the surgeon’s needs during the surgical procedure. Although surgical technology is a generic field, but can make up one’s mind to build skills efficiently in different surgical departments, including cardiovascular, orthopedic, neurology, gynecology, urology, ENT and others.


  • To provide good services to the patient perioperatively
  • To prepare operation Theater before Surgical procedure
  • To prepare operation Theater before Surgical procedure
  • To assist with the surgeon
  • To avoid delay in surgery

The need of surgical technologists has increasing considerably in present time. Surgical technologists work in the operation theater to assist surgeries and to provide surgical environment. Currently, surgical technologist are working in different government and private hospitals, surgical first assistant to surgeons, quality control and quality assurance programmed
managers of operation theatre, CSSD supervisor and many other surgical related procedures.

Degree Eligibility:

F.Sc (Pre-Med) with 50% Marks or Equivalent (KMU-CAT)

Degree Duration:

4 years, 8 Semesters

Course Overall Credit hours:

135 credit Hours (130-136hrs as per HEC Criteria


First Semester


Second Semester


Third Semester


Fourth Semester


Fifth Semester


Sixth Semester


Seventh Semester


Eighth Semester